RFQ: Production of Field Vests – CRC22001

To: Eligible Vendors

RFQ: Production of Field Vests – CRC22001

Date: 4th August, 2022

Crest Research and Development Institute (CRADI) is an independent research and development institute dedicated to improving the human condition through evidence-based research, human capital development, and developmental aid. We seek to advance humanity through research, sustainable development, and learning by adopting a multidisciplinary, community-friendly, and ethnic and context-driven approach to support independent, high-quality research with an impact on business development, the public sector, civil society, and communities of focus. 

For the conduct of field activities in hard-to-reach terrains, CRADI invites interested and eligible vendors to submit Quotations for the Supply of branded protection gear for the field staff as below:






CRADI crested Sahara Field Vest (Ash)



  • The logo and text to be used are attached here in the RFQ.

  • Interested bidders are to submit a physical sample of all quoted items to the address specified.

The Technical Guide (TG) that is included with this RFQ details the administrative guidelines, technical specifications, and instructions for vendors to follow as they prepare and submit their quotes to CRADI.

Note that prior to awarding a purchase order or service contract, CRADI reserves the right to accept or reject any quotations, to cancel the procurement process, and to reject all quotations. By exercising this right, CRADI is not responsible to the affected Vendors and is not required to explain its reasoning to them.


Technical Guide (TG)

Description of Service

CRADI is requesting prospective vendors to produce field vests for data collectors with a tight fit that can carry all items necessary for field work and is also comfortable to wear in all climates.


When negotiating and carrying out any service contracts, CRADI expects all CRADI employees and vendors to uphold the highest standards of ethics. If it is found that a vendor has participated in unethical, fraudulent, or coercive behavior, CRADI will reject any proposal submitted by the vendor and, if appropriate, will terminate their service agreement.

Conflict of Interest

A Vendor found to have a conflicting interest to another Vendor or in relation with the Procurement Entity shall be disqualified from participating in a tender. 

Eligible Vendor

Only vendors who have an experience in the production of field vest and have produced the same for other development partners will be determined eligible and be considered for award. 

Cost of Quotation Preparation

The vendor shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of his Quotation and CRADI will not in any case be responsible and liable for the cost incurred.


CRADI will respond to any request for clarification received on or before Friday 12th of August 2022. CRADI will share the response with all Vendors who received this TG while maintaining anonymity of the inquiring entity.

Right to Accept or Reject any or all Quotations

CRADI reserves the right to accept or reject any Quotation, and to cancel the procurement process and reject all quotations submitted, at any time prior to award of Service contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Vendor or Vendors or any obligation to inform the affected Vendor or Vendors of the grounds for the CRADI’s action.

Submission Documents

Vendor shall submit a technical proposal containing but not limited to the following in no more than 4 pages: 

  • Value add, 

  • Detail of the product, 

  • Production timeline, 

  • Mockup of product,

  • Packaging specifications, and 

  • Quotation inclusive of VAT.

Language and Currency

The language of the quotations must be in English and prices quoted in Nigerian Naira


Quotation must be submitted electronically via mail to admin@cradil.org no later than Friday the 19th of August, 2022 and shall be addressed to “Director of Administration, Crest Research and Development Institute  (CRADI) 20, Rock Haven, Off Zaria Road, Jos Plateau state.” 


Vendors whose proposals are competitive, will be requested to produce a sample to be submitted at the physical address. 

Contract Award

The vendor that has submitted the best evaluated sample and budgetary price, substantially responsive to the requirements of this TG, and who has been determined to be qualified to perform the service contract shall be selected and awarded the Service contract.

CRADI shall notify the selected Vendor through a Notice of Award. 


  • Final items are to be delivered to the office address stipulated above. 

  • Delivery of all items is 10 working days from Purchase Order Approval date.

  • If the vendor fails to deliver the work within the completion period specified, a penalty deduction of 0.1% of the cost of undelivered goods daily will be done.

Vendor Payment

Payment shall be made only upon CRADI’s acceptance of the Services and delivered specifications, and upon CRADI’s receipt of invoice.

Download the full TG and Annex here

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