PA4- Trainings

Building Capacity And Strengthening Systems

Our team is collaborating with both National and International institutions to offer certificate courses and training. We use evidence-based approaches to strengthen education policy, management, and practice at every level—from classrooms to national ministries—to achieve measurable improvement in education quality and, ultimately, learning outcomes. Our team develops teaching and learning materials for teachers and instructional coaches. We employ appropriate and cost-effective information and communication technologies, building on our experience.

Working to develop innovative evaluation and assessment tools and protocols—drawing on our expertise in research and surveys—to inform the design and monitor the implementation of system and school-level initiatives.

  • We help assess and clarify the learning needs at the individual and organizational level.
  • We take the participants’ experience as a starting point for learning and use their reality as a guiding principle.
  • We ensure an excellent learning environment, while leaving the ultimate responsibility for learning with the participant

Training courses and certification:

Interactive E-learning Module Development

Our group of e-learning specialists create self-paced e-learning modules for use in classes, professional development programs, or any other training need. The team is skilled in a number of authoring tools. The modules we have developed overtime include audio, video, interactivity, and even self-evaluation quizzes, and can be integrated into learning management systems or delivered via websites, CDs, or other formats.

Instructional Design for E-learning Courses and Products

Our team of e-learning experts is skilled at developing learning objectives, assessments, and evaluations for e-learning courses and products. Using a variety of applied theories of adult learning, including Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE), we can ensure that the e-learning projects produce effective results. We also provide technical assistance in the design of e-learning courses, including recommendations for appropriate technology, effective strategies for adapting traditional courses for e-learning, course website development and support, and creation of learning resources.

E-learning Course Management and Delivery

Our team can aid in the development of tailored programs of study customized to suit the needs of a particular workforce or group of students. For some, it may be most efficient to simply assign a series of self-study modules. For others, it may be better to design a multi-week course that incorporates a broader range of online technologies including tests and assignments (i.e., a diploma program). In some instances, the most promising and cost-effective solution may be to develop a program of study and deploy the course on

Mentoring local partners and drawing on their perspectives

We offer on-the-job mentorship to local entities. Our direct and continuous collaboration with local partners enables us to incorporate and value local and national perspectives into our work.

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