Our Team

Crest Research and Development Institute

Our Team

Our team is diverse and multi-disciplinary with professionals across a wide array of fields that intertwine to provide different perspectives to an identified issue. Team members include development practitioners from different fields, humanitarian experts, academics, communication experts, diversity, equality, and inclusivity experts, and core researchers.

Organization Structure, Governance and Leadership

Board members

A governing board comprising academics and practitioners in research and development leads CRADI. Board members are managed by a board chair and are responsible for the organization’s long-term success. The board members are elected and serve for a five-year term.


The executive leadership of CRADI consists of department leads (directors). These departments are Research, Learning and Adaptation (RL&A), Programs and Administration (PA), and Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT). There is no limit to the length of time that one can stay as an executive or staff member of CRADI.

Research, Learning and Adaptation

The RL&A department is responsible for coordinating and conducting research activities for the organization and for clients of the organization. This includes the development of the methodologies for research, identifying the right expertise for conducting these researches on short term and long term engagements.

Programs and Administration

The admin team of CRADI is in charge of procurement (human capital and materials), administration of day-to-day activities, and planning and implementing logistical strategies for the organization’s operations and projects. Human resource management, correspondence, welfare and logistics, facility management, security, and safety are all areas where they work.

while the program team is responsible for development of social interventions and the implementation of the same. Being that we cover thematic areas of programming, members of our program team are professional in the fields for which they implement; applying the inputs available to achieve the outputs, outcome and impact of each development project we undertake. Both teams are led by the Director of Programs and Administration.

Information and Communication Technology

The ICT department is in charge of the organization’s communications plans as well as the design, deployment, and administration of ICT-driven systems. The department’s responsibilities include providing ICT support and training to employees, clients, and partners, as well as identifying, designing, and deploying electronic research, data management, and communication systems. They also ensure that the organization’s IT infrastructure (hardware and software) is in good operating order. The Director of Communications is in charge of them.